How Can To Update Apps on Android Phone ?

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How Can To Update Apps on Android Phone, Pls Follow My Tips & Update Apps Your SmartPhone Android is an excellent platform. It has access to a ton of apps that make your devices more useful and easier to use. The one thing you need to remember is that you should always keep your apps up to date.

The biggest reason for you to do this, besides getting the newest features, is to patch security holes. You never know how a hacker will get into your device. Keeping your apps updated will at least take that method away from the hackers. Here’s how to update apps on Android.
Things We Assume
You have Android
You Know how to navigate through the OS.
Note: Even if you’ve never downloaded an app from the Google Play store, you should still look for updates periodically. Some of the apps that come pre-installed might need to be updated.

Step 1

Open the App drawer on your phone.

Step 2

Go to the Play Store app by clicking on its icon.

Step 3

Press the menu button. If your device doesn’t have a menu button, click the three dots icon near the upper right hand corner.

Step 4

Tap “My Apps”

Step 5

A list of your installed apps will come up. The ones that need to be updated will be at the top.

Step 6

Click “Update All”.  The apps will update by themselves. As long as you don’t need to do Step 7, you’re free to go about your business.

Step 7

Some apps can’t be updated with the update all. These need to be approved one by one. Click on the app in the “My Apps” list, and then click “Update”. You will need to accept some permissions changes. The app will then update. Repeat for each app that needs to be manually updated.
That’s it. Your apps are updated. You should check back once a month to see if there are more updates. You can also set the apps to update automatically in the Play Store Settings.

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