Easy Lock Your Personal & Important applications on Android Phone

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We all have apps that we would prefer to keep prying eyes away from – SMS, Email, Facebook, banking applications… the list goes on and on. You can always lock your entire phone down with a pin, password, or pattern lockscreen, but it gets tedious and annoying to have to unlock each time you want to quickly check something.

Ultimate App Guard

Enter Ultimate App Guard, a new app that lets you lock down specific applications. The app features seven different unlocking methods, including PIN, password, pattern, force close, dialer, error message, and image screen. You can customize the interface, including the lockscreens, schedule specific apps to only be locked at specific times of the day or week, and organize lock-able apps into profiles. There is also a widget that allows you to quickly enable or disable app-locking.

Ultimate App Guard (UAG) protects apps from un-authorized accessFeatures:
☆ Lock selected applications from un-authorized access
☆ Support 7 different alternative lockers: PIN, password, pattern, force close, dial a number, error message and image screen
☆ Customize validity period (to change locking scenarios)
Schedule to lock/unlock apps in specific period in a day, during weekday or weekend, etc.,
Widget to quickly enable/disable lockers
☆ 9 free themes for lockers (with ProKey only)Optional:
☆ Optionally organize apps into profiles
☆ Turn of profile mode to enjoy simple UI.
☆ Download App Guard Helper to prevent Task Killer and uninstalling apps from Launcher.Notices
☆ Free version offers tree lockers (PIN, password, pattern), buy KeyPro to enjoy other lockers
☆ By default, this app will lock following apps: Messaging, Gmail, Email, Market, Facebook, Go SMS, Handcent, Paypal, Settings, Gallery, Facebook, GTalk and itself
☆ This app appears as UAL Free on your Android Drawer (to escape from curious people)
☆ The app always locks itself. Recommended to put your email to recover code if you lost it.

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