Sony Xperia S Android Phone Review

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Screen and Display:
First up, the 4.3-inch screen with Bravia school – this phone is festooned with huge striking Sony school sub-brands, by the way. It’s very vivid and bright, whether or not you are looking at video, photos or water sport the online.

Some of you’ll like the additional realistic look of, as an example, the Apple iPhone 4S’s screen, except for anyone hooked on OLED displays, this can be the closest digital display possesses thereto reasonably spirited, light subculture.

Sony Xperia S Android Phone

As a result, on the screen, two- to 12-meg photos and 1080p movies shot on the Xperia S’ camera have a rather hyper-real quality. Whip them off on to a TV or visual display unit and that they look additional typical, but still of very prime quality for a phone, being detailed, bright even in low-ish lightweight, and with good sharpness.

The camera additionally includes a dedicated button and is prepared to shoot in pretty order. All told, it’s higher than the Samsung Galaxy S2 and up there with the iPhone 4S.

Arguably the iPhone’s photos across a variety of various shooting conditions ar of slightly higher quality, however the Xperia S includes a variety of additional, helpful options, like a timer, and fewer helpful however fun stuff like 3D panoramas. And it’s additional megapixels in it, which is, of course, essential.

One day, the inbuilt NFC capability can flip the S into a travel pass and revolving credit. Right now, you’ll exchange documents with it and scan tags. thus faucet it on the “bedroom” tag and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and also the ringtones shut down, whereas the alarm app activates. for a few reason, sound once more within the morning doesn’t have the reverse result. Tags area unit user-programmable, though.

Price in Bangladesh: 25000tk only

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