If you Want To be Mobile Apps developer What you do?

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With smartphones being available Increasing mobile apps demand .  Apps can be made ​​independently of income.  App as developers the job market is not evil. How can you be developer?

Mobile apps are making Planning, requirements, design, coding, testing such steps. Different skills needed for the different steps. Designers need to be spectacular apps. Write programming code to automate it. This code was developed by the task of writing. But creating apps for any platform Developer must Be know.

Programming Language:

in Mobile operating system IOS, Android, Windows Phone more popular. This App needs to create different types ‘programming language’

Example: For IOS ‘object C’ For Android’s ‘Java’ For Windows Phones ‘C #’  Must will be learn.

The programming language used the respective platforms To create apps ‘Native App’ is called

To create custom app for all platforms Has Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Using the IDE to create apps.

After the creation of the App is working properly, for testing IDE and virtual devices ’emulator’

Native apps as well as’ cross-platform apps, the App can be create​​. This method is essentially ‘HTML 5’ is used.

apps developer

This kind App All platform will work.

In conclusion, the cross-platform or native – whichever app you want to create. ‘Logic’ and ‘creativity’ emergency stay.Without these two qualities can not be a good developer.


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